A leg-up for Benin – 2021

Leg-up for Benin

This year, for our annual sportive fundraising event ‘A leg-up for Benin’, we would go for a double formula: the end-of-year Corrida in Leuven and again – like last year – our “Challenge” during which you collect kilometres for a virtual journey from Leuven to Parakou and back.

On November 20, however, the City of Leuven decided NOT to allow the end-of-year Corrida of December 26 to take place due to the increasing COVID pandemic.

This is very regretful. However, we do not throw in the towel and give everyone the opportunity to exercise for a good cause by participating in our “Challenge – A leg-up for Benin 2021“. You can still walk, run or cycle from December 1 to 26, wherever and whenever you want while helping us to raise the funds for our project.

‘Healthy food, locally grown’


The end of year Corrida in Leuven will NOT take place.
You can still participate in the Challenge from the 1st till the 26th of December.

You hike, cycle or run alone or in a group when, where and how often you want to between 1 and 26 December. You enter the kilometres you cover in the registration module on our website or use your Strava app for which you will receive an activation code. This way, we collect kilometres to bring our virtual runner further on his journey from Leuven to Parakou and back. The ideal motivator to get outside in the short and dark days of autumn!

On our website you can follow our virtual traveler as of December 1st. The more kilometers you cover, the closer we get to our goal! If you’re not that sporty, you can also just support us and make a financial contribution.

Our project ‘Healthy food – grown locally’.

In the 70 villages of the region where we are active, we want to create irrigated communal vegetable gardens. These not only provide, both in the rainy and the dry season, a necessary supplement to the food of the children and villagers, but also ensure a sustainable local employment in Beninese mini-enterprises. For more information visit our website. We have already received grants and donations for 13 gardens. Still 57 to go… In 2022, our ambition is to add another ten. We will need approximately 75,000 euros to achieve this!

Register now and don’t forget to indicate on your registration form which financial contribution you want to make to our project ‘Healthy food – locally grown‘. Both small and large contributions are welcome of course, but remember that from a donation of 40 euros on, you will receive a tax certificate! For donations made in 2021 the tax reduction is 45 %.

  • Package of seeds and planting material: 20 Euros
  • One set of tools (spade, rake, hoe): 50 euros
  • A balanced nutrition workshop for 50 young mothers: 100 euros
  • Contribution for an irrigation system with solar panels: 150 euro
  • Contribution for the construction of a well: 250 euro

You can pay online during registration, but you can also transfer an amount to the account BE14 7865 8929 4683 of the Hubi & Vinciane Foundation mentionning “Challenge 2021“.
Or make a deposit through our website using our online transfer form

Show yourself!

As soon as you register for the Challenge, we’ll send you a bib number and – if you want, a link to the strava app. It would be nice if you would share pictures on one of our social media of you or your group ‘in action’ with the bib number clearly visible, or send them to us by mail so we can publish them on our website:

Twitter : https://twitter.com/HubiVinciane
Linkedin : https://www.linkedin.com/in/stichting-hubi-vinciane
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/hubivinciane/
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/hubivinciane/