Our Mission and Vision

The Hubi & Vinciane Foundation wants to realize in a sustainable way the dream of the young couple Hubi (Hubert) Adriaens and Vinciane Van Assche: “A better world for everyone“.

With the help of many in Benin and in Belgium, we set up various projects for the disadvantaged population in the Parakou region (the heart of Benin).

The Foundation remains faithful to the disinterested commitment of Hubi and Vinciane by working exclusively with volunteers. As a result, 96% of its budget can be invested directly in Benin and the overhead costs are considerably limited.

Core values ​​of the Foundation:

  • Commitment
  • Partnership
  • Durability
  • Progress


The Hubi & Vinciane Foundation strives for integral development.

In Parakou-N’dali we focus, among other things, on the problem of malnutrition through 3 major pillars: healthcare, education and agriculture with a focus on entrepreneurship and food supply.

The focus is on the commitment of all parties involved in a true partnership. The Foundation carefully ensures that it “teaches the people it supports” and “learns by doing”. In this way she realizes a dream, together with the Benin people.

The projects of the Foundation have a tangible impact:

  • more than half a million inhabitants in the Parakou region get access to health care
  • the education projects reach more than 5,000 pupils in primary schools and colleges
  • the use of better farming methods improves the income of about 500 families in fifteen villages