Investments in the Sokounon Farm

Nearly 70% of Benin’s active population works in agriculture. Due to a lack of training and professionalization among farmers, the sector needs to catch up in innovation. As a result, farmers miss many opportunities and struggle to maintain financial stability.

The Foundation collaborates with the training centre at the Sokounon farm in Parakou to change this. At Sokounon, young people can receive training on innovative and environmentally friendly livestock and vegetable farming techniques.

By providing the necessary professional training, we aim to enable young male and female farmers to apply innovative techniques, making their efforts more profitable and improving their financial stability.

The Sokounon farm is an experimental and educational farm spanning 37 hectares, managed by the French congregation ‘Frères Missionnaires de la Campagne’. The centre has an excellent reputation. Every year, dozens of young people receive training on growing, preserving, and processing various crops.

The Foundation has already made several significant investments in Sokounon:

  • Construction of rabbit, goat, pig, and chicken pens
  • Construction of a warehouse and store
  • Renovation of dormitories for students and trainers
  • Installation of a modern irrigation system, including a water tower for the vegetable garden and a banana plantation of over one hectare

More than 50 young farmers have completed a two-year training program at Sokounon. Half of them now run their farms across Benin.

Thanks to new equipment and infrastructure investments, Sokounon also serves as a lab for new applications. For example, a pilot project is underway for goat milk and cheese production, products that are still underrepresented in the Beninese diet.

Consumption of goat’s milk in Benin: an avenue being explored

The farm of SOKOUNON contributes to the improvement of the population’s diet in terms of consumption of dairy products.

Honey project in Sokounon: on the way to organic food

In the Beninese tradition, honey is mainly known as a medicine. People use it for its healing power in case of wounds.