Training for Healthy School Meals

The fight against malnutrition remains one of our top priorities. We address this issue from various angles. For example, in schools, we collaborate with teachers who are responsible for nutrition and hygiene. We also have projects with young girls who act as nutrition ambassadors (FIAN or Filles Ambassadrices de Nutrition). Lastly, we train kitchen mothers and cafeteria managers.

Thanks to our training, mothers and cafeteria managers learn how to prepare hygienic,healthy , balanced lunches for their students.

Our foundation’s nutritionists visit schools and provide training to kitchen mothers and cafeteria managers. They teach them how to prepare a healthy, balanced meal and what ingredients are necessary. They also show them what hygiene measures must be taken when preparing and serving the meals. The responsible teachers and FIAN ensure that they follow the recommendations of our nutritionists.

In the various schools where we work, we have seen a clear improvement in the quality of lunches over the past four years. They are now much more balanced and always include the necessary vegetables. Progress has also been made in terms of hygiene. Kitchen mothers and cafeteria managers now undergo regular medical check-ups. They strictly follow hand-washing instructions and now wear appropriate work clothing such as an apron and a hairnet.

The Foundation is committed to providing healthy and quality school meals!

Als Stichting richten we ons voornamelijk op de hygiëne en de evenwichtige samenstelling van de lunches.