Well-Equipped Hospitals

Many health centers are unable to provide quality care due to a lack of proper equipment. Consequently, patients do not receive appropriate treatment, often leading to complications. To address this equipment shortage, the Foundation has been providing quality second-hand materials and devices to various hospitals and medical centers in its operating area for years.

The goal of this project is to improve the technical equipment of health centers and hospitals, thereby increasing the quality of care provided.

Numerous donors in Belgium provide goods ranging from small medical equipment and wheelchairs to ambulances, medical imaging devices, oxygen concentrators, lung function devices, generators, treatment and delivery tables, and more. This material is distributed among the various hospitals and health centers in our operating area.

Our donors inform us about the available materials. We then check with the management in Benin to confirm the need for this equipment. If there is interest, the materials are collected and stored at WeMakeHope (WMH). Once there is enough material to fill a container, WMH books a spot on a ship. The container travels in about three weeks to the port city of Cotonou and from there, by road, to Parakou. Thanks to our NGO status in Benin, we are exempt from import duties.

We send about two containers annually. Our three partner hospitals (Saint-Jean-de-Dieu in Boko, Saint-Martin in Papané, and CHU in Parakou) and around twenty local medical centers utilize a significant portion of the donated equipment. They continue to be interested in hospital beds and mattresses, IV stands, examination and operating tables, and laboratory equipment.

WeMakeHope (formerly World Mission Aid)
Numerous hospitals, physical therapists, general practitioners, gynecologists, medical companies, etc.