Our Ambassadors

The Hubi & Vinciane Foundation awards the title “ambassador” to people who are very involved with the Foundation and who want to use their reputation or experience to bring the Foundation to the attention of the Foundation through their network.

Here we put their story in the spotlight.

Ambassador Kathleen Cools

Flemish journalist and TV face Kathleen Cools is committed to making our Foundation more known. She herself explains her commitment as follows:

“I came into contact with Hubi & Vinciane very coincidentally, as a moderator for an information evening that the foundation organized. I was very impressed by the philosophy of the project, the professional approach of the people who put their shoulders to it, and their enthusiasm. As an ambassador, I would like to help further support this powerful organization and, who knows, give more publicity, because they deserve that. ”

Ambassador Machteld Cuyt

For a few years, Machteld Cuyt has not missed an opportunity to support the Foundation. From the Cuyt Orthopedics family business but also through her personal network of friends and acquaintances, she always knows how to find opportunities to mobilize people.