Goat in the stable in Ferme de Sokounon

Animal breeding (goats, cattle and pigs) is the cornerstone of integrated agriculture in Benin. The goats consume 12 kg of fresh feed from harvest residues or agroforestry every day.

Each goat produces 3 to 4 liters of milk daily, which contributes directly or indirectly to the fight against child malnutrition.

The leftover feed from the goat stable goes to the pigs, who turn it into high quality meat and manure. The manure is transported to the agricultural fields to restore the food crop supply. This integrated agricultural system in which people, animals and agricultural crops go hand in hand has proven itself in other parts of the world. It is sustainable and adapted to the economic capacity of Benin’s small farmer.

Wereld Missie Hulp

Budget: 25 000 euros (co-financed by Wereld Missie Hulp and Fondation Gilles)