Centre D’Innov’Action

The new Centre D’Innov’Action de Parakou, abbreviated CIAP

The CIAP was solemnly inaugurated at the time by a festive ceremony on Thursday October 31, 2019, in the presence of the prefect of Borgou MAMA CISSE Djibril, the departmental directors of the various ministries with which the Foundation maintains relations, the representatives of the 3 communes where the Foundation operates, representatives of the diocese and also an important delegation of Belgium: the Minister of State Dr Moreels who was in surgical mission, two directors of the Foundation, a team which gave a formation in aquaponics, thirteen travellers in immersion and four interns in medicine.

The building was designed by the young architectural firm BC Architects. They worked with local materials such as BTC (Compressed Earth Bricks) and with woven bamboo mats on the doors and ceiling. The different spaces are interconnected so that a lot of light and air circulates. The result is absolutely incredible and really deserves a visit.

Eat better, live better“: With the new innovation center, the Hubi & Vinciane Foundation wants to mobilize people – especially women and young people – and resources to make nutritional foods and sustainable products more accessible in the Parakou / Benin region.

The Foundation wishes to coordinate, facilitate and finance innovative food projects and to raise awareness among the Beninese population about sustainable food, in collaboration with local authorities and partners.

The centre brings people together to develop these projects, organize workshops and training and facilitate the start-up of small agricultural businesses by young people.

The centre is also intended to be a meeting place where ideas can be exchanged. And serves as the workspace for the local team and the different partners.

The young and dynamic team of the Hubi & Vinciane Foundation in Parakou coordinates the activities and monitors the cooperation with the different local partners.

The Foundation invested 40,000 euros in this new building, partly financed by the budget of the insurance premium that was then paid to the Adriaens and Van Assche families following the plane crash of their children Hubi and Vinciane.

The expansion of CIAP – a new project ** partners wanted **!

  • Extension of the Beninese team of the Hubi & Vinciane Foundation.
    The Benin team in Parakou has grown from 4 to 8 people in 5 years. Their professional commitment is essential in the coordination and monitoring of the different projects: both for the “Fight Against Malnutrition” programme, for educational and agricultural programmes and for health projects.

To improve the working conditions of these 8 employees, at least two rooms should be added in the building that serves as administrative headquarters.

  • The Hubi & Vinciane Foundation has been organizing internships for young Belgian students for more than 20 years. Initially these were medical trainees, but in recent years many new disciplines have been added: nursing and obstetrics, marketing and communication, legal practice, teacher training, nutrition, engineering sciences and recently also life sciences.

Students in medical/paramedical internships stay in the residence that the Foundation has built on the two hospital sites. For the moment, the other trainees are housed at the Training Centre – Sokounon Farm, a partner of the Foundation. But their offer is limited and the rooms are very rudimentary. For the training courses which take place in Parakou, the Foundation wishes to put at disposal some rooms at the CIAP.

For the expansion of CIAP, the Hubi & Vinciane Foundation is looking for partners willing to use financial resources or expertise to explore and realize mutual opportunities.

Contact pascale@hubi-vinciane.be