Donate a textbook!

Our Foundation works closely with 46 primary schools and four secondary schools in the communes of Parakou, N’Dali and Tchaourou. With our projects, we mainly focus on water supply, sanitary facilities and vegetable gardens.

Our education officer in Benin visits the different schools every month. The teachers do not have an easy task. The classes have an average of 60 to 70 pupils. The furnishings in the classrooms are limited to a few benches and tables and a large blackboard at the front. Books, computers or other teaching materials are not available, or are only rarely available.

Donate a textbook

And yet, pupils need them to be able to pass state exams. Education is free in primary school, but textbooks are not. Most parents cannot afford to provide the necessary school materials for their children anyway. Schools try to solve this problem by working with some kind of loan and pass system or photocopying. Pupils can at least take turns to use the few books available.

Of course, it would be better, as in Belgium, if pupils could have the necessary school books all year round and take them home to study. But today, schools and students can only dream of this. They would need many more books, a complete package for each student.

Would you like to help the students of our schools in Benin in a concrete way?
Then buy one or more packages of books or educational posters:

  • A primary school kit for the minimum necessary for 1 year : 20 euros
  • A secondary school kit for the minimum necessary for 1 year : 35 euros
  • An educational poster : 4,50 euros
  • A pack of 50 educational posters : 110 euros


Or make a contribution to the account: BE14 7865 8929 4683 with the message: “textbook + your name”.

26,000 books and 1,300 posters for schools in the region of Borgou

In March 2021, our Foundation was able to deliver no less than 26,000 books and 1,300 educational posters to the 49 primary and 10 secondary schools

Donation of books to 4 colleges

The donation of large book packages on October 31, 2018 to four colleges is part of the foundation’s school program and is used to furnish libraries.