Summer School in Benin

The Summer School of Benin was started in 2012 and is a collaboration between the company Materialise and the Foundation.

The aim of this initiative is to annually select three remarkably sensible and enterprising Benin baccalaureate students and give them a scholarship that will enable them to obtain a bachelor’s degree at a Beninese university.

The selection takes place in several stages: first, the Foundation selects the young people from the region who achieved the highest points. For fifteen selected students, a three-day program starts with the development of the projects by the group, interviews and IT lessons, guided by delegates of Materialise, the local team of the Foundation and former students of the Summer School itself.

After three days, the eight most promising students will then have 2 weeks each to research, analyse and present their conclusions on a socio-economic project. They are professionally supervised by the Materialise team. On that basis, the best three get the university scholarship. Materialise and the Foundation ensure that the students are well framed to succeed in their studies.

Meanwhile there are already eight alumni who are regularly involved in this project.

Benin Summer School 2019

Meet the eight high school graduates who are making ripples across their communities.

Conversation with a former scholarship student from the Summer School

My name is Galdos Amoussou, former Summer School scholarship student. I am 25 years old and currently living in Parakou.

The Summer School, a partnership between Materialise and the Foundation

Since 2012, our Foundation and Materialise have been working closely together to organize the annual Summer School.