Equipment for hospitals

Printer and films for the RX device

The Saint-Jean-de-Dieu hospital in Boko was recently able to acquire a very high quality X-ray machine thanks to one of our donors. The machine is fully equipped with an almost new Agfa digitiser which enables the doctors to consult the results of the X-ray on the hospital computer at the spot.

Still, in Benin, there is currently no connection to doctors outside the hospital. Due to the limited network infrastructure in Boko, it is not possible to transmit or share results. Many patients are sent to Boko from nearby medical centres, even from Parakou, to get an X-ray. Every month, dozens of patients come to the radiology department for a consultation. X-rays are requested mainly for cases of bone trauma and for certain digestive and lung ailments. The hospital was therefore urgently looking for a printer to print out the X-rays and hand them over to the patient.

Such a printer costs around 3,000 euros. Fortunately, we recently found a sponsor who is willing to take care of the purchase and installation of the printer.

Still, the purchase of the consumable films for the printer remains an important financial investment for the hospital.

  • 43 euros for the purchase of a pack of 100 small-format films
  • 84 euros for the purchase of a pack of 100 large-format films

Would you like to help the hospitals buying film for the printer? It is possible by donating

Make a contribution to the account: BE14 7865 8929 4683 with the message:“Films X-ray” + votre nom.

Or use our online transfer form.

Sterile surgical gowns and drapes

For the numerous surgical operations, the hospitals of Saint-Martin and Saint-Jean-de-Dieu are looking for gowns and sterile operating fields. Due to power failures, hospital laundries are often out of order and cannot clean and sterilise drapes and gowns in time. With all the consequences…

Given the number of operations (more than 1,000 per year in Papané and at least 1,500 in Boko), each hospital needs a stock of around five hundred disposable sterile surgical drapes and gowns per year.

A pack of five gowns and drapes costs around 30 euros.

If you want to help the doctors and their patients in a very concrete way, please donate them one or more packs of gowns.

Make a contribution to the account: BE14 7865 8929 4683 with the message:“Surgical gowns” + votre nom.

Or use our online transfer form.

Donation of oxygen concentrators by VitalAire

In August 2020, the VitalAire company donated 20 well-functioning second-hand oxygen concentrators to the Foundation.