Two new colleagues for the local team in Benin

Isséré and Marie-Claire have recently joined the team in Benin. We are happy to introduce you to them.

Isséré ATCHA holds a degree in Applied Statistics from the National School of Statistics, Planning, and Demography of the University of Parakou.

Marie-Claire DANSI KAKPO holds a master’s degree in Finance, Accounting, Control, and Audit.

What will be your mission within the Foundation?

Isséré: I will be responsible for monitoring and evaluating the projects. Marie-Claire: And I will be in charge of finance and administration.

What prompted you to apply to the Foundation?

Isséré: I was attracted to the Foundation’s values. I indeed share values of empowerment, acting ethically and transparently, trust, and mutual respect. Furthermore, the genesis of the Foundation appealed to me. The fact that the Foundation has no political status was also a significant plus for me. And finally, I fully support its goal of meeting the needs of the most vulnerable populations through concrete and sustainable actions and projects.

Marie-Claire: The position was ultimately in line with my ambitions. I also experience the Foundation as an organization that values honesty, integrity, and professionalism. Furthermore, it motivates me to participate in the goals of the Foundation and help vulnerable or needy people. I now understand that any dream is attainable if you believe in it.

What is the essence of your role in the Foundation, Isséré?

My role is to watch over the projects’ added value, effectiveness, and efficiency.
This includes organizing the project meetings with all parties involved. I am also responsible for defining the critical project indicators and collecting, processing, and analyzing the data necessary to monitor those indicators. I will also prepare the accountability files and the interim and final evaluation of the projects. The intention is also to learn from projects each time to apply that knowledge and experience to subsequent projects.

What priorities have you set for yourselves?

Marie-Claire: First and foremost, I want to get well acquainted with the organization to work as effectively and efficiently as possible. Isséré: My priority is to develop a statistical framework to give visibility to the Foundation’s actions in the different areas of intervention.

One last word, perhaps?

Isséré: I am just pleased to be part of the local team and thus contribute to the realization of Hubi & Vinciane’s dream in Benin.

Marie-Claire: I want to thank the Foundation and more specifically, the Board of Directors, the local team, and all the donors for all the work that has been accomplished over the past forty years. I wish that within this year and five years, the Foundation will be able to increase its income five or even tenfold to reach even more people and make that big dream come true.