Donate without even noticing it!

How is that possible? Well, via ‘Trooper’.

Trooper is a platform that connects associations and foundations with no less than 600 shops or partner shops.

Each time you make a purchase from them, the partner shop donates a percentage or a fixed amount to us. The right amount depends on the shop and the product you buy. The purchase of a jumper or trousers at A.S. Adventure, for example, will yield more than a book or map.

So if you intend to buy something at Torfs,, Coolblue,, Decathlon, JBC or one of the other partner shops, do so via ‘our’ trooper page. Choose your shop and make your purchase. Thanks to the Trooper platform, the shop knows that you want to support our Foundation. If you enter your e-mail address (allowed, but not required), Trooper will also let you know what contribution your purchase has generated.

Thank you for using the ‘trooper link‘ for your next purchases!