Why the “Agriculture” area

The Hubi & Vinciane Foundation wishes to develop a framework for food supply and production. And stimulate entrepreneurship, especially among young people and women.

Intensive training is offered on integrated agriculture with innovative and ecological techniques, focusing on sustainability. Consultations are also organized with farmers in the 24 villages to encourage them to set up their own projects.

PLAN 2018-2022

Integrated Agriculture Training Program

The Foundation supports and facilitates practical training in the field of integrated agriculture, the improvement of farming techniques and the processing and marketing of healthy food products for young farmers.

The Foundation has a team of three Beninese experts: a project manager and two agricultural engineers.

The program works in collaboration with the local partner Centre de Formation Agricole, Ferme de Soukonon, with the departmental office of the Ministry of Agriculture and with the local farming community.

Thanks to the Foundation, the okra grown in Gomez Kparou is in great demand!

Gomez Kparou, a village in the district of N’Dali, is known for the quality of its horticultural products, especially its ‘gombo’.

Justin Baguiri, proud owner of a small banana plantation

Justin Baguiri, a self-employed farmer, has already completed several training courses at the Foundation.

The Foundation facilitators trained in vegetable growing techniques

The training took place on March 16 and 17, 2021 at the Center d’Innov’Action in Parakou and in Sokounon.