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26,000 books and 1,300 posters for schools in the region of Borgou

In March 2021, our Foundation was able to deliver no less than 26,000 books and 1,300 educational posters to the 49 primary and 10 secondary schools

In the spotlight – 2021

Many volunteers take the initiative themselves to put our Foundation in the spotlight or to organize an event for the benefit of the Foundation.

Financial report – 2020

The Foundation ended the year with 286,000 euros in donations. In terms of expenditure, management costs in Belgium represent only 3,17% of the income.

TRIUM Clinical Consulting in the breach for Benin!

TRIUM Clinical Consulting, together with the Quality by Design (QbD) group, are organising fundraising activities throughout the year 2021 to benefit the Foundation!

Thanks to the Foundation, the okra grown in Gomez Kparou is in great demand!

Gomez Kparou, a village in the district of N’Dali, is known for the quality of its horticultural products, especially its ‘gombo’.

Stijn Van Hoestenberghe, founder of Omegabaars, visiting our Foundation in Benin

Stijn Van Hoestenberghe, founder of Omegabaars, one of the largest sustainable fish farms in the world, is visiting Benin!

Meet and greet with Chamsou-Dine Baguiri

My name is Chamsou-Dine BAGUIRI. I have a baccalaureate B in literature and economics and a license in technical information and communication sciences, option journalism.

Social marketing: our team in Benin applies the advice of Jan Flamend!

Jan Flamend immersed our employees in some new theories and methods to strengthen their professional knowhow and competences.

Justin Baguiri, proud owner of a small banana plantation

Justin Baguiri, a self-employed farmer, has already completed several training courses at the Foundation.

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