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Clean water for the school!

The Foundation wants to install wells and sanitary facilities at 50 schools in the region of Borgou.

Project start : January 1, 2021
Target date of completion : End 2021
Budget : 60 000 euros
Still needed : 30 000 euros

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Equipment for the hospital

The Foundation wants to equip the hospital St. Jean de Dieu of Boko with a complete RX installation and sterile surgical gowns.

Project start : 1 January 2021
Target date of completion : yearly recurring
Budget : 8 000 euro
(1000 disposable aprons + about 1200 films)
Still needed : 7 748 euro

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Donate a textbook!

The Foundation wishes to buy basic packages of textbooks and educational posters for the pupils of the various primary and secondary schools with which it works. It wants to achieve this gradually, with 30 packs per primary school and 20 packs per secondary school per year, i.e. one pack per group of four pupils.

Start of project 2nd phase: October 1, 2021

Target delivery 2nd phase: June 30, 2021

Budget :
46 primary schools x 30 packs x 20 euros = 27 600 euros
4 secondary schools x 20 packs x 35 euros = 2,800 euros
46 primary schools x 1 pack of educational posters (110 euros) = 5,060 euros.

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A new health centre for Kassouala

The local health center in Kassouala is the only place in the wider area where the more than 25,000 inhabitants can go for medical assistance. Until recently, the center was housed in an old, neglected and dilapidated building. In 2019, the Foundation, together with the Saint-Martin hospital of Papané, came up with the plan to completely renovate and expand the health center in Kassouala.

Start of the project : 2019

Expected delivery date: March 2022

1 gynecological delivery table: donated by TRIUM Clinical Consulting and QbD!

3 examination tables: 3,000 euros/piece – one already donated by TRIUM Clinical Consulting and QbD!

4 lamps for the treatment rooms: 2,000 euros/piece

Total budget: 22,000 euros
Still needed: 14,000 euros

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