Help us realize our projects

Then make a deposit into account BE14 7865 8929 4683 of the Hubi & Vinciane Foundation with the message “Support to projects of the Foundation

You will receive a tax certificate for donations from 40 euros. For donations made in 2021, the tax reduction is 45%.

Or choose a project you wish to support.

A new maternity in Boko

Help build the new maternity unit for the hospital of Saint-Jean-de-Dieu in Boko.

Materniteit Boko
  • 3 ultrasound scans: 20 euros
  • performing 1 delivery: 50 euros
  • contribution for the purchase of an incubator: 100 euros
  • contribution to the construction of the maternity: 250 euros


Clean water for the school!

The Foundation wants to install wells and sanitary facilities at 50 schools in the region of Borgou.
More information about the project “Clean water for the school”

  • Tippy tap” hand washing system : 20 euros
  • Awareness campaign in one school : 50 euros
  • Contribution to a sanitary block (cost 1000 euros) : 100 euros
  • Contribution to a water well (cost 7000 euros) : 250 euros


Vegetable gardens project

In the 70 villages of the region where we are active, we want to create irrigated communal vegetable gardens. These not only provide, both in the rainy and the dry season, a necessary supplement to the diet of children and villagers, but also ensure sustainable local employment in Benin mini-enterprises.
More info about the project “Vegetable gardens”

  • A package of seeds and plants: 20 euros
  • A set of tools (spade, rake, hoe): 50 euros
  • A balanced nutrition workshop for 50 young mothers: 100 euros
  • Contribution for an irrigation system with solar panels: 150 euros
  • Contribution for the construction of a well: 250 euros