The Hubi & Vinciane Foundation has been active in basic healthcare in Benin since its establishment. Emphasis is placed on an integrated approach as a priority in the fight against malnutrition.

The Foundation is a partner of two area hospitals, Hôpital Saint Martin in Papané and Hôpital Saint-Jean de Dieu in Boko, in the Parakou region.

These hospitals, with 100 beds each, are recognized as reference centres for the health zones of Tchaourou and Parakou-N’Dali and reach about 750,000 inhabitants, or nearly 8% of Benin’s population.

The Foundation works with these hospitals on improving medical care through investments in infrastructure and staff training. The Foundation is actively involved in the hospitals’ policy as a member of the Board of Directors of both.

The Foundation also contributes to basic health care in the region by strengthening primary health care services. Through these projects, the Foundation reaches not only the patients in the hospital, but also the inhabitants of the neighbouring villages, collaborating with the local dispensaries and small health centres in the villages.

Through intensive prevention and monitoring campaigns and adequate treatment, the Foundation, together with the local government, is tackling malnutrition.

The Foundation employs a Beninese nutrition expert who coordinates the malnutrition program, as well as twelve local facilitators.

As of 2019, they will reach approximately 10,000 children per year who will be examined door-to-door and receive intensive treatment if necessary. At the same time, thousands of mothers are also learning how to prevent malnutrition through a balanced diet of local produce.

Donation of oxygen concentrators by VitalAire

In August 2020, the VitalAire company donated 20 well-functioning second-hand oxygen concentrators to the Foundation.

Photo book – The positive impact of our investments

St. Martin’s Hospital in Papané plays a particularly important role for our Foundation.

Interview about the ‘garde-malades’ in Benin

A conversation with our employee Antoinette about the concerns of ‘garde-malades’ for a patient.

PHOTO DIARY – The Garde-Malades

In Benin – as in many African countries – “garde-malades” (sick guards) take care of the patient.