The one and only end-of-year corrida is coming!

A leg-up for Benin
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Leuven – Friday evening, December 30, 2022

For sports enthusiasts with their hearts in the right place!

Two years in a row, the DCLA athletic club had to cancel the year-end Corrida due to corona. But on Friday night, December 30, it will be right back.

Runners can choose from three distances:

  • 4 km – with a start at 8:45 p.m.
  • 8 km – with a start at 9:15 p.m.
  • 12 km – with a start at 10 p.m.

Hubi & Vinciane Foundation is, as always, in attendance. At the entrance to Kinepolis on Bondgenotenlaan, we will be waiting for the runners who register through us with their chest numbers. After the athletic effort, there will be time for relaxation with a snack and a drink on the top floor of Kinepolis.

We hope you will participate en masse!

New maternity in Boko

All proceeds will go toward constructing the new maternity unit at Saint-Jean-de-Dieu Hospital in Boko.

The current maternity is bursting at the seams, making it harder and harder to provide necessary professional medical care to patients. On average, 35 women stay there, while there are only 22 beds. As a Foundation, we are happy to put our shoulders under this new project. If we can raise 120 000 euros, we can build a maternity with a capacity of at least 50 beds, a neonatology unit, and an operating room. For more info on the project.

  • Donation of 20 euros: suitable for three ultrasounds
  • Donation of 50 euros: suitable for one delivery
  • Donation of 100 euros: a contribution to the purchase of an incubator
  • Donation of 250 euros: a gift to the construction of the maternity building

Convinced to keep up for Benin during the Corrida, register here!
You will receive a tax certificate for every donation of 40 euros or more.
Please note: for everything to be in order administratively on time, you must register with us before November 30, so do it right now!

If you can’t join us this year but would still like to support our project financially, you can do so here.

Practical info on the evening’s proceedings will follow later.


Thanks to Kinepolis Leuven for logistical support and for providing a reception space