Christine SERO – A banana tree for every woman

I am 35 years old, I am SERO Christine married and mother of 4 children and I live in the village of Korobororou. I have always helped my grandmother in the household and in the field work. That’s why I love this work. I also make the meals that I sell to the schoolchildren in my village. I got to know the Foundation almost a year ago thanks to the project “each woman a foot of banana” and my result is shown in the picture below.

As a woman farmer and thanks to the support of the Foundation, I was lucky enough to acquire banana rejects that I installed behind my shower. Thanks to the advice of the Agronomist Technician, I also installed a square garden in the house to help my husband with expenses on the one hand and to improve our diet on the other hand.

I produce in this garden some tomatoes and green pepper but mainly amaranth.

After the various trainings I received on the virtues and maintenance of the banana, I took good care of the rejections I received from the Foundation which allowed me to obtain two beautiful diets of about 40 kg. When the fruit ripened, I invited the children in my house to let them benefit from the virtues of these fruits and to draw their parents’ attention to do the same as I did.

Thanks to the result obtained, I now want to expand banana production on my farm because it will allow me to improve the nutrition of my small family and meet the financial needs of the household.

I would like to thank the Foundation for initiating this project especially for us women and I encourage them in their further actions to reach all women. I also ask them to think about training us for the transformation of this product because as soon as all the women will produce we will not be able to sell everything. So we will have to make transformations.

Long live the banana project in Benin,
long live the Hubi and Vinciane Foundation,
long live good nutrition in Beninese families.

Thank you.