Justin Baguiri, proud owner of a small banana plantation

Justin Baguiri, a self-employed farmer, has already completed several training courses at the Foundation. He learned how to grow rice and how to set up a small banana plantation. He bought some banana cuttings and started to work on them himself. Fortunately, he was able to count on the continuous support of the Foundation’s staff.

Today, the banana trees are fully grown and he can sell part of his harvest. With this money, he pays for his family’s medical care and his children’s school fees. The banana plantation means financial and material progress for him and his family.

Justin Baguiri thanks the Foundation for the training and assistance. He hopes that we can help him even more with the construction of an irrigation system. With better irrigation, he could make his plantation even more productive. Find out more about Justin in the video that our Benin communication officer made about him.