The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on sectors of activity in Benin

The coronavirus pandemic continues to claim victims around the world. In Benin, nearly 3,000 cases of infection have been recorded with nearly 45 deaths after eight months. The occurrence of this health crisis has had a negative impact on several sectors of activity.

Wearing masks in schools, yes, but distances are difficult to respect due to the lack of tables and benches.

In the education sector, the appearance of covid-19 has further undermined the performance of Beninese schools because after the long holidays, learners have forgotten almost everything.

While in some schools and colleges barrier measures are respected, this is not the case in others because the majority of learners do not have protective masks and those who do have them are still very ignorant. While a lot of awareness raising is done through the media, door-to-door awareness raising is also needed to raise the awareness of the population and especially children who are often the target of many infectious diseases.

Health workers who are required to put on their masks at all times as a health measure

In the health sector, a redirection of resources is clearly observed for the implementation of a plan to combat the spread of the virus. The widespread panic caused by the spread of the disease has led to a drop in attendance at health facilities, with a consequent proportional drop in the turnover of the latter. The fear of testing positive for the covid causes the population to make very few visits to health centres despite all the sanitary measures taken there.

The transport, tourism and craft sectors are also affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Indeed, the implementation of health measures has led to a reduction in the number of passengers on board public transport vehicles. The result is a drop in turnover due to the reduction in public transport travel. The closing of borders and the limitation of air travel has resulted in low attendance at tourist sites or the almost total absence of activities in this sector. Several other activities in the sector slowed or stopped. Hotels, hairdressing salons, actors of the artistic world, etc., have recorded a huge drop in income.

Shoe shop without customers – First communion ceremonywith masks

Almost all sectors of activity in Benin have been influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic and have caused a widespread economic crisis. The constraint of wearing masks has become a nightmare for the entire population and the question that is being asked everywhere today is “when will the end of this suffering come? “Yes, when will it end? If we cannot answer this question, let us help the population to gracefully comply with the health measures in rural areas, health centres and partner schools.