The role of a girl nutrition ambassador in a public primary school

My name is N’SARE Thérèse, I’m a student at the public primary school of BONSI group B, I’m 12 years old and I’m going to CM2 class.

During the 2018-2019 school year, I have been selected by the HUBI Foundation and VINCIANE to be one of the 4 Female Nutrition Ambassadors (FAN). Our role is to ensure good nutrition, hygiene and maintenance of the school garden. To do this, we pass on awareness messages to our classmates on healthy and balanced nutrition.

We also educate our school’s saleswomen about balanced meals. For this purpose we have organized a meeting with all the saleswomen in collaboration with the Foundation’s Nutrition Animator, the director and the teacher in charge of nutrition.

During this meeting, we asked the saleswomen to improve the meals they present to us. Together we also found ways to improve the meals. The meeting led to a good result because most of our saleswomen improved their meals. The Wassa Wassa (yam cossette couscous) saleswoman now adds vegetables and soy cheese or small fish to her meal. The porridge porridge saleswoman, on the other hand, has enriched the porridge with soy.

All of us like the much more balanced meals that the saleswomen are currently presenting to us. I am very happy to be one of the Daughters’ Ambassadors for Nutrition and for all the projects that the Foundation has carried out in our school. Thanks to her, we have toilets, hand washing facilities (TYPPI TAP), a garden etc. In addition to this, she works for the improvement of our nutrition.

I can see that all this will contribute to our health and success. I sincerely say a big thank you to all the people in charge of the Foundation for all the efforts made in our school to ensure our well-being and success.