Big festivities in Parakou to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Foundation

The fortieth anniversary of the Foundation in Benin did not go unnoticed in Benin.The local team organized a whole series of festive activities. Many participants were visibly moved. They did not expect such enthusiasm and gratitude. Chamsou-Dine Baguiri, our communications officer in Benin, lists them:

The celebrations began on November 2 with a visit to the monument erected in honor of Hubi & Vinciane at the Papané hospital. Hubi was working as a doctor-surgeon in this hospital when the accident happened. The memorial incorporates all the letters that Hubi & Vinciane wrote to each other. Pascale Vanassche, Managing Director of our Foundation, and Emile Kouthon, Director of the Papané Hospital, laid a beautiful bouquet at the memorial.

The following day, November 3, the local team, along with a few members of the Board of Directors and several supporters and partners of the Foundation, walked through the city in a caravan. A trendy and tireless band provided the musical note. Eight traditionally dressed horsemen accompanied the procession, dancing with their horses and demonstrating their dressage skills.

Applauded by many interested inhabitants, the caravan reached the town hall of Parakou. Gilles de Kerchove, president of the Foundation, and the mayor’s representative, gave a short speech. Finally, the municipal administration of Parakou offered drinks and snacks to all present. The press was also invited and gave a detailed report, which you can view on Youtube.

In the afternoon, at the CIAP, the Foundation’s supporters enjoyed a delicious and healthy meal prepared by the Foundation’s nutritionist, Eric Dossou Gbété, and some nutrition assistants.

40 jaar - 40 ans

On Friday, November 04, 2022, a thanksgiving mass in memory of Hubi (Hubert) and Vinciane was held at the Cathedral of Saint Peter and Paul in Parakou. A choir provided a beautiful musical accompaniment.

40 jaar - 40 ans

And then in the evening, it was a big party. In the ballroom of the archdiocese, dignitaries, partners, supporters, friends, employees, and administrators gathered to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of the Foundation. Hyacinthe Elégbédé, Executive Secretary of the Parakou City Council, Marcienne Houenou, Director of the Foundation, Pascale Van Assche, Managing Director, and Gilles de Kerchove, President, successively took the floor. Gilles emphasized the values of Foundation Hubi & Vinciane: respect and trust, commitment, equality, empowerment, joint development, and sustainability.

40 jaar - 40 ans

During and after dinner, guests were treated to a performance by Têkè dancers, a traditional guitarist, and, finally, a performance by Angelo Moustapha, a well-known percussionist and new ambassador of our Foundation.

And of course, the birthday cake with the necessary candles could not be missing!

40 jaar - 40 ans
Pascale, Marcienne and Gilles cut the cake.

Parakou : Célébration du 40è anniversaire d’existence de la Fondation Hubi & Vinciane