Ceremony of the initiation of CIAP

The prefet of Borgou expressed its gratitude for the many achievements of the Foundation.
The Hubi & Vinciane Foundation is an important player for him in the development of the Borgou region. He has personally known the Foundation for many years, also because of the contacts he had with founder Pieter Van Assche.

The walls are made with BTC, Brique de Terre Compressée. The color has the recognizable authentic rosy hue of the earth. The ceiling and the metal doors are filled with braided mats.

In addition to the numerous Benin dignitaries, many Belgians were also present: Minister of State Dr Réginald Moreels, the group of empathy travelers, the Aquaponics team and also four Belgian medical students, on an internship in the partner hospitals of the Foundation

The interior spaces are modular – with a spacious meeting room, a few blocks with cooking demonstrations, and a smaller space with a library and salon.

A Benin ceremony also includes dancers and accompanying tam tam.

The audience also received a wonderful demonstration of the “dancing horses“, an important part of the traditions of the Benin Kings.

The Vicaire Général of the Archdiocese, Pere Erneste, blessed the new building.

The first training that took place in CIAP was the Aquaponics technique: a combination of fish farming and vegetable breeding. Eight diplomas were awarded.