Editorial – march 2024

Gilles de Kerchove

Hubi et Vinciane Foundation is grateful to the Belgian Ambassador to Benin for visiting our projects in Borgou province. The conclusion of her visit perfectly illustrates the originality of our Foundation: small means, big impact!

Our last visit to Cotonou was precisely to explore new, more institutional funding, sources to amplify our impact on the well-being of the inhabitants of central Benin, particularly women and children. We have reduced malnutrition from 11.78% to 1.51% in the 64 villages where our experts are active: we could cover 120 villages if our resources allowed.

By drilling boreholes and irrigating plots of land, we are enabling 400 women to cultivate a plot of land so that they can become self-sufficient, feed their families and have access to healthcare: we could double or even triple this figure if our resources allowed.

The coming months will be devoted to finding these additional funds.

With your support and the dynamism of our team in Belgium and Parakou, we will succeed!