Goat breeder Adiatou Djato

ADIATOU DJATO is 51 years old and lives in Badé-Kparou. She runs a small goat and sheep farm next to the house where she lives with her children and grandchildren.

Her mother once started with five goats, which she got from a local agricultural project. This is how she began to breed goats.

When she died, she left her daughter 16 animals behind.Meanwhile, there are 35 sheep and 12 goats. But there were more. Some were sold for a party.

Thanks to the Hubi & Vinciane Foundation, she was able to expand her stables.

What did your husband think of this?
He was satisfied because the stables and the animals are next to the house. That way, I could continue to take care of the children and the household. That was his primary concern.

Aren’t the neighbours jealous?
I don’t know about that. I’ve had enough with my animals and my family. But I am clearly seen as an example for the others because they come to me for advice on how to care for or treat their animals in case of illness. With some, I feel that they also feel like applying for financial support from some local farming organisation or NGO. Because the possibilities exist and I am the best example to prove that it works. It does require discipline and, of course, a lot of work. Every day I look at every animal. A veterinarian visits them regularly.

I just enrolled in a course to learn how to process goat’s milk into, e.g. yoghurt or cheese. This is not part of our culture. It’s new. We only use cow’s milk, so I hope I can convince the people around me that goat’s milk is also delicious and nutritious.

My dream is to receive specialised training in animal care and welfare. And to be able to vaccinate my animals myself if there are no serious medical problems.

What does the support of the Hubi & Vinciane Foundation mean for you?

Thanks to their help, I had a starting capital, I took all kinds of courses, and I was able to manage the nursery more efficiently, and even expand it. With the money from the sale of my goats and sheep, I repay the Foundation. Soon I will have no more debts, and I will be completely self-sufficient. I’m thinking about installing my own well here on my property.

So yes, I’m a fortunate woman! And grateful for the financial and logistical support I received to build this little company. I hope to be an example to others even more. Because with some help, entrepreneurship and workforce, everyone can realise this.

Lea Van Hoeymissen