Sympathizers on the End of Year Corrida

About 250 runners and sympathisers on the End of Year Corrida 2019

Despite the winter weather, this year again some 6,500 sports enthusiasts took part in the End of Year Corrida in Leuven.

This running race, now organised for the 22nd time, took place on Sunday 29 December. As in previous years, this was an excellent opportunity for the Foundation to seek sponsorship and to promote it to the general public.

The 150 or so runners who registered through the Foundation, stood out clearly with their white jacket on which was written ‘A Dream with Bénin’. This did not go unnoticed, and the organiser DCLA supported the Foundation as one of three charity organisations with the most participants. Pascale Van Assche and Marc Vervenne (photo) were asked on stage, where they received a cheque for 142 euros.

Departure and meeting took place, once again, in the Kinepolis on the Bondgenotenlaan, where an enthusiastic volunteer team took care of the preparation of the runners and the distribution of the shirts and back numbers. After the run, the sportive people and sympathisers could enjoy a nice soup, a drink and a chat. The shop sold typical Benin artefacts and through the tombola one could try one’s luck to win a nice price.

About 250 people attended this networking event, including the TV journalist and ambassador of the Foundation, Kathleen Cools, and the alderman of the City of Leuven, Carl Devlies. The total proceeds of this edition amounted to more than 5,700 euros. Thanks to the very numerous runners and sympathisers, and in particular to all the volunteers who made this day possible and to Kinepolis for making the reception area in the cinema complex available.

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