Health care in a school environment

Wound care in the schools

Most of our partner schools are not located in the vicinity of a health centre. As children often get injured while playing or doing sports, it is necessary and indispensable to be able to give first aid before transferring them to the distant health centre.

The Foundation has found a solution for this situation in its partner schools. On the one hand, by providing the schools with medical first aid kits and on the other hand, the Foundation’s health workers have trained the teachers in its schools in the basic concepts of first aid. As a result of this approach, the teachers have become more versatile. They can now administer first aid themselves in case of accidents.

The first-aid box, which you can see on the photo, contains Betadine, balms, strips, 90° alcohol, plasters, scissors and gloves. Although there are still not enough first-aid kits in the schools, it is a relief for the schools that received one.

As an example, we take the school Kassouala Centre located in the municipality of Tchaourou. This school has 574 pupils and so far more than 100 children have been able to use first aid thanks to the available first aid kits. We, therefore, hope that this action, which is so valuable for our school children, will continue.