In the spotlight – 2021

Many sympathizers and volunteers take the initiative themselves to put our Foundation in the spotlight or to organize an event for the benefit of the Foundation. Are you organizing a promotion soon and want to donate (part of) the proceeds, contact pascale@hubi-vinciane. Every contribution, small or large, is greatly appreciated.


The company Materialize launched ‘Radio4Benin‘ on March 30. All employees worldwide could choose three songs that were then broadcast ‘live’ on ‘Radio4Benin’. In exchange, the employees were asked to make a small donation for the benefit of the projects in Benin. From all over the world (Brazil, Australia, Malaysia, China, Japan…) Materialize’s colleagues contributed in solidarity. The proceeds will be used as a priority for the operation of the Summer School.

TRIUM Clinical Consulting en QdB

The company TRIUM Clinical Consulting, together with the Quality by Design (QbD) group of which it is part, will organize fundraising activities for the Hubi & Vinciane Foundation throughout 2021! A great initiative that we greatly appreciate.
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