KVLV-the ladies of Grembergen on an immersion trip to Benin

Monique, a professor at the Odisee High School, has been going to Benin regularly for a few years now with her nursing students to visit and help with projects. Following her enthusiastic reports from Benin, a group of KVLV ladies from Grembergen decided to go there themselves. Not as tourists, but to experience the daily life of the country, while respecting the local culture and traditions.

The ladies of Catholic Education for Rural Women did not want to visit only the projects of the Hubi & Vinciane Foundation but also wanted to roll up their sleeves. Which they did, both in Belgium and in Benin. The sponsoring actions in Belgium brought in more than 14.000 Eur. This budget will be used for the installation of a sanitary block in the partner hospital St Martin in Papané.

Once there, Monique, Martine, Ria, Nicole, Nouchka, Anne, Evelien, Sofie, Karine and Liliane did not turn a blind eye and undertook several actions.

They have, among other things, provided training on healthy nutrition in primary schools in Boko, organized a blood collection cation in the village of Boukoussa and examined malnourished children in a remote village of Tchaourou. This examination was perhaps the most confronting experience of their immersion trip. And the most beautiful experience was the visit to the Dâm Koosiabu orphanage supported by the H&V Foundation.

We would like to thank Monique and the Grembergen team from the bottom of our hearts!