Multiplication of healthy banana cuttings to prevent the spread of viruses

Moussa Ousmane Yaya

At our Foundation’s Centre d’ Innov’Action, Moussa Ousmane Yaya, one of our agricultural advisors, is experimenting heavily with multiplying healthy banana cuttings.

Following an agroecological approach, the process consists of several steps. First, Moussa peels the roots of the banana plant. Then he immerses them in a solution of water and ash to then carefully dry them. Those first steps are vital in the fight against the viruses that threaten banana plants.

In each cycle, Moussa plants 15 roots in the two germinators. By covering them well, he prevents foreign pathogens from attacking the plants. Two months after his first experiment, he had about 240 healthy banana cuttings or an average of eight per root. The newly obtained banana cuttings are vigorous and give an optimal yield.

We distribute the banana cuttings to schools, families and banana farmers. With this initiative, we aim to further promote banana cultivation in the region while reducing the risk of diseases in the plantations.