In the spotlight – 2023

Many sympathizers and volunteers take the initiative themselves to put our Foundation in the spotlight or to organize an event for the benefit of the Foundation. Are you organizing a promotion soon and want to donate (part of) the proceeds, contact pascale@hubi-vinciane. Every contribution, small or large, is greatly appreciated.

Every month, Schilde organizes a screening of quality films with a social theme.

On March 13, it was the turn of “Tori et Lokita,” the Dardenne brothers’ masterpiece about two young refugees in Belgium. Since the children came from Benin, this was an excellent opportunity to tell the Schilde residents more about the country.

Secretary-Treasurer Muriel Billiau, also treasurer of the Schilde Municipal Council for Development Cooperation, introduced the film enthusiastically.

The Pidpa event


The day after World Water Day, the selected projects were invited to an event for the presentation of the HidroPlus support in the Hidrodoe theme park in Herentals.

Water company Pidpa annually supports development projects that contribute to the development of a sustainable water supply and waste water treatment in developing countries and provides a financial grant for this.

The Foundation also received a nice symbolic check in the form of a drop of water.

Many thanks to Pidpa for the many years of support!

Christmas market at QbD Clinical for the Hubi & Vinciane Foundation!

QBD Clinical

Thanks to creative colleagues and the friends and family of these colleagues, QbD Clinical was able to offer a nice assortment at its Christmas market:

  • Ceramics by Mia Van Houtven (@gedraaidgebakken)
  • Ceramics by Estelle Rens (@estellerens.ceramics)
  • Beauty products of Perle d’Eau de Westerlo
  • Huff & Puff Tissues
  • Book “De l’eau et du sang” by Jesse Goessens

The line has attracted attention as sales have exploded. In addition, as usual, QbD Clinical doubled its revenue.

And Pong, the Thai chef, continues to provide a delicious Thai lunch to all colleagues every second Thursday of the month.

Proceeds from the Christmas market and Thai lunches go directly to equipping our hospitals in Boko and Papané.

Thank you to all those colleagues, friends, and supporters of QbD Clinical and QbD Clinical itself for their motivation and enthusiasm!

Institute of the Sacred Heart of Leuven, February 14

Heilig Hart Instituut Leuven

Coincidence or not, on Valentine’s Day, we went to the Sacred Heart Institute in Leuven to talk about our projects in Benin and how it all started: with the beautiful love and commitment of Hubi and Vinciane. Hundreds of first and second-year students came to listen as they will soon organize their annual Lenten walk for a good cause. This time, the profits of this walk will be entirely donated to the Hubi & Vinciane Foundation. Therefore, it was essential to show what the money raised would be used for and how it could make a difference.

Heilig Hart Instituut Leuven

Ingrid Hofkens presented the situation in Benin and illustrated, with photos and videos, what is happening in schools, hospitals, and community gardens. Occasionally, I added my testimony after I visited the projects last year. The images and words said enough: the disconnect with our world, the problem of poverty and malnutrition, and often the lack of education. But we were also able to witness the people’s vibrancy, ingenuity, and infectious laughter. In these days of social media and TikTok videos, it takes work to hold young people’s attention long on such topics. But the students remained captivated, listening for an hour of class time in respectful silence. We are happy to have been able to share our enthusiasm.

We look forward to seeing you after the Lenten walk!

Kathleen Cools