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The Foundation is committed to education and training. Together with health care and agriculture, education forms an inseparable “triangular relationship” that can lay the foundation for fundamental prosperity and well-being.

PLAN: 2018-2022

The first objective of educational projects is to ensure that children have the opportunity to go to school.

The second objective is to support young women through various programs so that they can develop more easily.

In 2001, the Hubi & Vinciane Foundation (at the request of hospital staff) launched a small educational project in four primary schools near the two hospitals. Each school received support of 5 000 euros to meet, among other things, the most important needs. extra lessons, classrooms, waterwells and canteens.

Gradually, the number of schools has increased and there has also been cooperation with some secondary schools in the region, mainly to introduce computers and ICT and to motivate girls to stay longer in school.

Since 2017, the Foundation has been active in 24 villages in the areas of Tchaourou and Parakou-N’Dali. The school programme includes actions in 48 primary and 6 secondary schools and is coordinated by a Benin employee of the Foundation who is sometimes assisted by local trainees.

There is close cooperation with school principals, local authorities, local NGOs and education experts in the region.