N-New health centre for Kassouala

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The new health centre in Kassouala is ready for use. The buildings are completely finished. The only thing missing is a license from the authorities before it can start, but this will soon be sorted out.

Thanks to the support of the Province of West Flanders, the Foundation, in collaboration with the Saint Martin de Papané hospital, was able to renovate the centre completely. And the result is there. Everything looks brand new. Emile Kouthon, director and chief physician of St. Martin’s, is very happy. It was no longer possible to accommodate patients safely and hygienically in the old building. The new infrastructure meets all the requirements for providing the population of Kassouala with primary medical care. The nurse and the nursing assistant have been hired. The selection procedure for the midwife is underway.. The centre can start as soon as the authorities have granted the license.

In the short film below you can get an idea of the new centre.

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