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Since 2015 the Foundation, together with the partner hospitals, has started the ‘malnutrition’ project.

The project consists of large screening actions in the villages of Parakou. The pediatrician and the hospital’s social assistant, the doctor and his team from the Sanitary Zone, they all work together to track down malnourished children to have them treated in the hospital.

This treatment is intensive and the children are often hospitalized for several weeks. After discharge from the hospital, the children continue to be treated according to the national protocol and are thus further monitored.

In the hospital, the mothers receive professional guidance from the social assistant who teaches them how to prepare well-balanced food in cooking workshops, among other things. The salary of the social assistant is paid by the Foundation. Further investments have been made in the hospitals to turn their gardens into a real demonstration site.

Every year 10,000 to 15,000 children are screened and more than 100 children have to be hospitalized.

The fight against malnutrition through a multisectoral approach

Malnutrition is one of the diseases that continues to have a hard skin in developing countries despite the various efforts made to eradicate it.

On a voyage to discover the eating habits in the north of Bénin

On a voyage of discovery to the eating habits in the north of Benin

The fight against malnutrition

In 2015, the Hubi & Vinciane Foundation launched the malnutrition project with two partner hospitals Saint-Jean-de-Dieu and Saint-Martin