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Better and better farming with CEP

In a country like Benin monitoring and adapting farming techniques to optimize harvests systematically is essential.

Orthopaedic mission at Boko hospital: a ray of hope for many malformed children

From November 8 to 14, 2023, a number of doctors from the Heilig Hart hospital in Leuven came to Boko for an orthopedic mission.

Tackling NCDs in rural areas: health workers trained

Diagnosing and caring for patients suffering from Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) is still a luxury that many health centres cannot afford.

Home gardens useful for women

As a foundation, we also invest in small vegetable gardens for one family at a time.

The AVECs, a springboard to financial independence

The AVECs are groups of people who save together and make loans from those savings to invest in small businesses.

Financial Report 2022

We end the year 2022 with total gifts of 337,000 euros: an increase of several thousand euros over 2021.

Meet and greet with Marius Anato

Marius Anato werd recent aangeworven om vanuit het incubatiecentrum de startende ondernemers te ondersteunen en te coachen.

Enjoy a delicious Benin ragout!

Ragout, a dish prepared with yam or sweet potato, is very popular in Benin, especially in the north.

Foundation and Eclosio experiment with Smart-valley

To intensify rice farming in a cost-effective, participatory and sustainable way, we launched the Smart-valley approach with Eclosio

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