A new communications manager for the Foundation’s local team

Florent Bio YAMA

At the beginning of November, Florent Bio YAMA joined the local Hubi & Vinciane Foundation team as the new Communications Manager. We are delighted to introduce him to you.

Florent, what training did you receive, and what does your mission within the Foundation involve?

I trained as a photojournalist and have a professional degree in audiovisual journalism.
I was recruited to make the Foundation more visible. As communications manager, I’m responsible for collecting images, writing texts and producing audiovisual material for all the Foundation’s projects and programs, ensuring effective communication through the most appropriate channels. I also oversee the Foundation’s internal communications.

What challenges have you set yourself, and how do you plan to meet them?

My biggest challenge is to put as many people as possible in touch with the Foundation.
With the support of all my colleagues, I want to make communication more effective. It’s necessary to be proactive and innovative to achieve our communication objectives and make an impact.

What do you need to achieve your goals at the Foundation?

I need the trust of my colleagues at the Foundation. Good communication between us is also important. It’s also essential to have quality work tools.

How would you describe the working atmosphere?

It’s my first time working with such courteous, available and pleasant colleagues. My integration went very smoothly. I feel like I’m coming home every time I cross the threshold.

A final word?

If the mission of the Hubi & Vinciane Foundation is to realize a dream with Benin, I can add that – without sleeping – I intend to dream with the Foundation in the best possible way. I’ll make sure I have a tangible impact on the people of Benin.