Photo book – The positive impact of our investments

St. Martin’s Hospital in Papané plays a particularly important role for our Foundation. It is not only one of our two important partner hospitals, but it is also the hospital that Hubi coordinated as a surgeon-in-training at the time.

Today, Saint-Martin is recognised as the reference hospital for the Tchaourou health zone, which has around 250,000 inhabitants spread over 7,256 km². The hospital has 75 beds divided between different departments, including maternity, internal medicine, surgery, paediatrics and emergency.

The operating room needed a “refurbishment”. Last year, we invested around 40,000 euros in the renovation of the operating room, a connecting bridge between the operating room, the maternity ward and various hygienic and sanitary facilities. Dr. Emile Kouthon, Chief Doctor and Director of the hospital, is delighted with the results achieved. He has provided us with the following photos and texts.

New windows and doors with beautiful glass panes as well as newly painted walls and ceilings make the operating room more attractive. It now radiates more confidence and professionalism.

The renovation has also made the operating room a more user-friendly working environment for our employees. And this is very important for their ergonomic psychology. After all, they give the best of themselves every day.

The new doors are much more beautiful. They no longer have rust stains. They are now a thing of the past forever. The stains on the old metal doors were caused by the bleach-based detergent.

Thanks to the new hand washing systems in surgery, our doctors and nurses can better protect themselves against infections and prevent their gowns from getting completely wet every time.

The footbridge linking the operating room to the maternity ward prevents women giving birth and other users of the maternity ward who need the services of the operating room from being exposed to bad weather (rain and sun).