Some first impressions of the Materialise team after their stay in Benin


The three Materialise employees who joined our Foundation’s local team during the Summer School have returned home with a good feeling. During their stay, Felix, Valerie and Giulia took the opportunity to discover Cotonou, Tchaourou, Parakou and other cities and regions. They also took the opportunity to learn about Benin cuisine. They are happy to share their first impressions with you.


Materialise Felix

During our stay in Benin, we visited Waxangaril@bs and his startup ”Les Casseroles de mémé”. We had a delicious meal there. If you ever go to Parakou, definitely go there. Parakou is a very hospitable city by the way. The Beninese are very friendly. I was also impressed by the way people of different religions live together peacefully there. As for the Beninese cuisine, it offers a wide range of dishes. Of all the dishes I ate, I liked best the African couscous, which is called “wassa wassa” in Benin. We had a great time in Benin.


Materialise Valerie

During our stay in Benin I enjoyed the different locations where we stayed and the delicious food. We were able to taste everything. We ate wassa wassa, which was new to us. We also ate mashed yam with vegetables and peanut sauce. The peanut sauce is really a delicacy. In Parakou we stayed in the Hôtel des Routiers and in the residence for trainees of the hospital of Papané. Both places were very pleasant. In Papané we did experience the difficulties that the Beninese have to deal with on a daily basis, especially the electricity that often breaks down. Our stay in Benin was a very nice experience.


Matrialise Giulia

It was a great adventure. We went to Benin for professional reasons, but we had a great time – also besides the work. The Beninese are very kind to foreigners and very hospitable. There are many things to see in Benin and many dishes to taste. I think all three of us gained a few pounds. We ate several delicious dishes. Like Valerie, my favorite dish is the pounded yam with peanut sauce. By the way, we tried to eat it with our hands, the Beninese way.

Thank you to all three for your testimony…

Information about some dishes

On the far left we made the vegetable sauce with mustard. On the far right is the faux cheese sauce made with mustard and an onion and tomato mixture. In this sauce there is cheese and beef hide “Kpakouman” in Bariba. The sauce at the bottom is peanut sauce. It’s made with ground peanut butter, with beef and cheese in it. This is Valérie and Guilia’s favorite sauce. All of these sauces are eaten with mashed yam, pasta and akassa.