To all sportsmen-donators: you did a great job !

The sporting challenge

Looking back on our virtual journey from Leuven to Benin and back, we can confirm it was a success. Some of you may have missed the rhythm of the running, the smell of sweat and the feeling of being together in the streets of Leuven during a “physical” corrida.

Still, this was more than compensated for by the pictures of the enthusiastic participants on the website, the hart warming social media comments from fellow supporters and the virtual visits to beautiful and inspiring places during the trip and in Benin.

Our Beninese collaborators also took part in the initiative and mobilised their runners. They gave our Belgian delegation a warm welcome, perfectly highlighting a successful joint action between the Belgian and the Beninese teams.

Our ambition was to cover the distance of 16,000 km! As it turned out, all together, you collected more than 18,300 km, which allowed us, once back in Belgium, to deploy the last virtual kilometres by doing a few laps in the streets of Leuven. That way we keep cherishing the feeling of the original Corrida in Leuven.

This first virtual challenge was great fun and very rewarding. The desire to already think of a 2021 (virtual and or physical) edition and turn it into an even greater sporting and fund-raising challenge has already been fuelled.

The fundraising challenge

‘Clean water for school’

When announcing the Challenge, we hoped to be able to make a solid contribution for the construction of water wells in 20 more schools in the Borgou region (central Benin) and thus provide them with basic hygiene and drinking water facilities.

Thanks to your participation in this virtual challenge, we were able to achieve this goal.

A well costs about 7,000 euros. In addition, there are the necessary toilets and “tippy taps” that allow the students to wash their hands regularly. This basic infrastructure saves lives by improving hygiene and the supply of drinking water to at least 6,500 students and teachers and a population of around 45,000 people. Together, we have already collected 22,800 euros.

Many thanks to all the athletes and generous donors.
See you at the ’21 edition… virtually and or physically.

Do you still wish to support the project?

You can still support the “Clean Water for Schools” project.

And don’t forget that donations made in 2020 will give rise to an exceptional tax advantage of 60% in 2021.

This is what it will cost you

  • 16 euros for a donation of 40 euros,
  • 40 euros for a donation of 100 euros
  • and 100 euros for a gift of 250 euros!

Scan the QR code
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