The Summer School, a partnership between Materialise and the Foundation


Since 2012, our Foundation and Materialise have been working closely together to organize the annual Summer School. During this Summer School, a group of students with good results in secondary education are trained and intensively followed up for three weeks by employees of Materialise and the Foundation. The aim is to give the three most promising students a scholarship to enable them to start university studies. Once they have graduated, they will be able to use the knowledge and experience they have gained to take on a responsible role in the development of their region.

This year, the ninth edition of the Summer School took place from August 16 to September 10. The goal was to

  • train candidates in the use of IT-tools;
  • guide candidates in their choice of university course of study;
  • inform candidates about the job market and entrepreneurship;
  • train candidates to write a project (e.g. the project on improving the fish smoking technique to increase profitability or the IT-project on innovating the Baobab Express application in view of customer needs);
  • make the successive selections in order to obtain a list of three Hubi & Vinciane Foundation grant holders.

This year’s Summer School was different from previous editions. After all, the top three students not only received a scholarship for their university studies, but also the prospect and opportunity to train for self-employment afterwards. From now on, the slogan of the Summer School will be “Study and Entrepreneurship for Development“.

The three laureate candidates for 2021 are MABOUDOU Bédhawi, BIOCHECOUCOU Nestor and HABADA Hyacinthe. These laureates, two boys and one girl were selected because of their entrepreneurial spirit, their interest in agriculture and their clear vision of how they will approach their studies and career.