Yinnou in the Bariba language or dried and seasoned yam

Recept Yinnou

The Yinnou in the Bariba language, or the seasoned dried yam, is a dish appreciated by the populations of North Benin, in particular the Batombu. Our communication manager Chams-Dine Baguiri went to Waxangari l@bs in Parakou, more precisely in the startup “Les casseroles de Mémé”, to follow from beginning to end the different stages of preparation of this meal. It is accompanied by soy tofu and small fried fish – a pure delight.

The sub-steps in the preparation of Yinnou can be summarized in two main steps: rinsing the dried, pounded yam, and cooking. We start with the first significant step by rinsing the pounded yam to remove waste and other impurities.
Then, we soak it in clear water for 1 to 1.5 hours to soften it.

After this, the dried pounded yam is washed, rinsed, and then exposed to the air to dry.

Now we move on to baking, the second major step in our preparation.

You need peanut oil or shea butter, dried red pepper, sliced green pepper, sliced onion, vegetables, fish, fried soy tofu, salt powder, and some spices (garlic and ginger) for seasoning.

Put the pot on low heat and add oil. Sauté the dried chili pepper in the oil and set it aside. Then add the onion and spices to the oil and stir for 30 seconds.

Then we put the crushed dried yam wrung out in the oil pot, stir, add a pinch of salt, close the pot, and let simmer for 5 to 10 minutes. During this time, prepare the tofu and the fish.

Once the yam is cooked, add the onion and the fried chilli. And here is our Yinnou, ready to be served hot for tasting.

The populations of the North of Benin are too many fans of this dish that they like it so much. When you visit Benin, you can ask Chams-Dine to take you to the Waxangari l@bs center in Parakou at “Les casseroles de Mémé” to taste this dish. Your taste buds will be seduced, he reassures.