Interview with Adam Malla Issifou, manager of the incubation center

Adam Mala

Our communication officer in Benin, Chams-Dine Baguiri, met the person in charge of the incubation center that the Foundation is building in Tinré in the commune of N’Dali. Adam Malla Issifou answers questions from Chams-Dine.

Can you briefly introduce yourself?

My name is Adam Malla Issifou. I hold a Master’s degree in Strategy, Creation, and Takeover of Enterprises from Montesquieu Bordeaux IV and a diploma Etudes Professionnelles Approfondies (DEPA) from the Francophonie Institute for Entrepreneurship based in Mauritius. I am currently a Ph.D. student in agricultural entrepreneurship at Benin.

Why did you apply to be the incubation center manager?

I have created and developed several companies, including M-RECYCLING BENIN, an ink cartridge recycling company. Since 2007, I promoted several companies in several sectors, notably hydrocarbon, computer waste recovery, and digital economy. For ten years, I was a business advisor and cooperator of the cooperative society SENS-BENIN, providing support and consulting services for developing solidarity enterprises, training on entrepreneurship, and advising on managing solidarity value chains. All this motivated me to apply.

Convinced that entrepreneurship and especially the development of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) is the only reasonable way to create more jobs for young people and reduce poverty, I wanted to put my skills at the service of local economic development of the territories of Borgou and Alibori.

Adam Mala

What are your priorities?

Our priority is the growth of incubated companies. We must implement all the mechanisms and tools necessary for developing the companies incubated in this incubation center.

Your final word

I want to thank the Hubi & Vinciane Foundation for the benefit of economic development, local development, territories, and especially for the youth who must create wealth to develop Benin. The initiative must be commended because a center of this kind was missing in Borgou. It will be the first real incubator in this area that will genuinely meet the needs of young entrepreneurs.