Morelle CAPOCHICHI – gynaecologe

I am 43 years old, married Tchassaman and mother of 5 children including 1 boy of 17 years old and 4 girls. After my Baccalaureate in 1998 in Bohicon, I continued my studies in the Faculty of Medicine in Calavi thanks to the State scholarship.

After 7 years of training I graduated as a general practitioner. I obtained my first position as a general practitioner on January 8, 2007 in Boko where I served for 5 years before continuing my studies for the gynaecological-obstetrics specialty.

I did 4 years of training including 3 years in Cotonou and one year in Belgium before coming back to serve again in Boko but this time as a gynaecologist doctor from 2017 until today.

For my work I leave home at 7 o’clock and in 45 minutes I am in Boko. I start my working day with visits to the hospital wards and then I go to the consultations.

I do an average of 200 prenatal visits per month with an average of 90 caesarean sections. I like my job and I devote most of my time to it. Although the regular working time is 8 hours a day because we are a religious denomination, I work between 10 and 11 hours depending on the emergencies.

The majority of caesarean sections are improvised because patients present late due to a lack of means to cope with the medication. We sometimes have scheduled interventions as in the case below. This is a uterine myoma. The lady was successfully operated on and is in perfect health today.

I’ll be home around 7:00 to do some housework. In this other area, I also have employees who are a nourishing mother who looks after the children while I am away and a young girl who looks after the little one.

I would like to thank the Foundation in particular for the capacity building of the staff and wish them long life.