Objectives and values of the Foundation – team building in Benin

Hubi & Vinciane Foundation organized a team building around its goals and values for the Benin team from March 11 to 15. Ingrid Hofkens, psychologist and member of the Foundation’s board of directors, led the event.Pascale Van Assche, managing director, and Gilles de Kerchove, chairman of the board of directors, joined regularly. They gave additional input on the operation in Belgium and the wide range of tasks taken on by volunteers. This was mainly to inform the Benin employees that they are not alone and that hard work is also being done in Belgium.

Ingrid focused her guidance on strengthening three aspects:
1) the cooperation between the team in Benin and the team in Belgium,
2) the teamwork in Benin and
3) the individual functioning of each team member.

Much attention and time went into assessing the impact of the various projects. How do they contribute to the values and goals of the Foundation, and what actions are needed each time?

In doing so, the team worked on formulating the objectives of the various projects in a more “SMART” way. What specific indicators allow for concrete measurement of results? Which goals are acceptable for/fit the local situation and align with the Foundation’s values? Are the intended objectives realistic? And finally, who is responsible for implementing the project within the predetermined timing?

During the five days of team building, the team regularly worked in two separate groups.

The first group worked on improving internal communication. This is essential for coordination and cooperation between the Benin and Belgian teams. Chamsou Dine, the Foundation’s communications manager in Benin, was already satisfied. “We have learned to communicate better with each other and work together more efficiently. We will also work on better reporting so everyone, including the management and the board, knows the different activities and projects “.

The second group worked on the community vegetable gardens project, an essential project for the Foundation. The team members defined the project’s objectives and their roles in its implementation. Rahmat, a nutritionist, found it a necessary and helpful exercise. She is motivated to work on the project together with her colleagues.

Marcienne Houenou, director of the Foundation in Benin, thanked Ingrid, Pascale and Gilles for organizing the team building. “All team members now realize they need to be even more committed to sharing information and prioritizing activities and tasks. Critical self-evaluation is also important. The team building was engaging and educational. Everyone is now extra motivated to go for it and achieve the Foundation’s goals.”