World Water Day on March 22, 2024

March 22 is World Water Day: over 30 years since the United Nations declared it so. On this day, we pay special attention to the importance of water for all.

Did you know that around half the world’s population still faces a water shortage today? We take water so much for granted that it’s hard to imagine.

There is also a water shortage in Benin, and the effects of climate change are increasingly being felt.

With the Hubi & Vinciane Foundation, we invest in community vegetable garden wells, water storage, and irrigation systems. These systems enable the women who cultivate and manage the gardens to plant and harvest throughout the year.


With the vegetables they grow, they can prepare healthy, balanced meals for their families and sell the surplus at the market.

Today, 13 vegetable gardens are up and running.

Help us set up vegetable gardens in other villages in our intervention zone.