Mission, vision and strategy

PERIOD 2020 – 2025    

Defined by the Board dd. 20-02-2020


The Hubi & Vinciane Foundation is an organisation of volunteers in Belgium and local employees in Benin that pursues the dream of Hubi Adriaens and Vinciane Van Assche through the realisation of sustainable and ethical development projects for a more dignified and better life for the inhabitants of the Borgou-Parakou region in Benin.


The Foundation wishes to sustain its mission by bringing structural improvements to the life of the population, with a particular focus on the most vulnerable groups in the Parakou region, thanks to its local team that is gradually being empowered.

The Foundation opts for an integrated approach through a Beninese-Belgian cooperation and co-creation of equals that are in line with the United Nations’ sustainable development objectives (SDG).

After all, the context in which this cooperation takes place is the African continent in all its diversity. Today, Africa’s society, economy and demographics are undergoing rapid change.

The Foundation’s mission and vision are based on six core values. These values are a source of inspiration and a guideline in achieving the social mission of our organisation.


Social, ecological and economic sustainability
We are convinced that sustainable development seeks a balance between social, ecological and economic interests. We aspire to sustainable societal changes in the social and political, ecological, economic and technological fields so that they contribute to a healthy and peaceful environment with prosperous citizens and well-functioning ecosystems. In this way, we want to progressively achieve global sustainable development goals (SDG) on a local, small-scale basis.

Gender Equality
Development can only be achieved through genuine mutual involvement, in a relationship of equality. Regardless of gender, race, age, religion or belief, we allow everyone to contribute to our projects. Growth is only possible through cooperation in mutual respect. Equality of women and men is at the heart of this.

Empowerment of actors
People can only work on their own and take responsibility if they get a voice and can influence their living conditions and commitment. For us, empowerment is a process of emancipation, in which people push the limits of their situation and social commitment.

Equal partnership
Each person has his or her own identity and is a unique person. We therefore cherish diversity and promote dialogue that connects people. We respect the opinions, knowledge and experience of all those involved in our projects and their beneficiaries.

Acting ethically and transparently
Dignity, reliability, sincerity and honesty are at the heart of ethical and transparent conduct. We practice them in everything we do and at all levels, without pursuing self-interest.

Trust and mutual respect
Mutual trust and respect are the breeding ground for people’s growth. This applies to directors and managers as well as employees and beneficiaries. Power and calculation are paralysing. If we give trust or enjoy trust, if we respect or are respected, we feel better. It makes us more creative and efficient together so that we can achieve our goal.


In Benin, the Foundation promotes the regional development of Borgou-Parakou based on an integrated approach. The objective is to cooperate with local partners and the local population to actively contribute to improving the living conditions of the inhabitants of this region. The approach is both preventive and curative, through awareness-raising activities and concrete support, paying attention to current needs and sustainable progress.

The Foundation’s activities in Benin are primarily aimed at combating malnutrition and strengthening knowledge and skills in the field of “healthy and balanced nutrition”. The Foundation opts for an integrated approach to projects in the fields of health, with a focus on malnutrition among women and children; education, with an emphasis on gender equality; and agriculture, with the development of entrepreneurship.

The Foundation collaborates in Benin with a network of stakeholders and partners including local elected officials, religious and political leaders (village elders, ministries, cities and departments, embassies), experts, entrepreneurs, universities, NGOs and non-profit organisations. It works in complementarity and synergy with these stakeholders and partners.

The Foundation has established its Centre d’Innov’Action de Parakou (CIAP) to facilitate ‘training of trainers’ sessions, brainstorming and creating a laboratory of innovative methods and techniques. This centre also functions as the Foundation’s headquarters in Benin and the office of the local team.

The Foundation wishes to reinforce the Benin team in its growth towards an autonomous team. It facilitates their transition towards greater financial self-sufficiency by stimulating them to look for means of financing and income to carry out the Foundation’s projects.

In Belgium, the Foundation works with various partners, including cities, municipalities and provinces, as well as companies and organisations. It wishes to raise awareness, activate and raise funds to achieve its mission.

The Foundation facilitates internships in Benin for Belgian students and volunteers. In addition, it offers internships in Belgium for its Beninese collaborators and partners. It also organises immersion trips to Benin for supporters and donors, to bring them into contact with Beninese society, history and culture.

Program 2020-2030

‘Eat better, live better’

Programs, partners, local entities & targets in the region of Parakou – BENIN (Feb 2020)



Capacity building of two partner hospitals, Tchaourou Zone Hospital in Papané and Parakou-N’Dali Hospital in Boko

  • Collaborate with the two zone hospitals and the dispensaries to offer quality health care.
  • The Foundation focuses on the prevention, detection and treatment of malnutrition in villages in two health zones, with teams from zone hospitals, medical centres and local authorities.

Local entities: two zone hospitals & dispensaries
Targets: women & children < 5 years old


The Foundation with local and international partners

  • Coordinate, facilitate and financially support the development of innovative sustainable food projects and awareness-raising, under the impetus of the local stakeholder consultation framework.
  • CIAP, the new innovation centre is the working space for the local team as well as a meeting place in the centre of Parakou, also a demonstration site and a centre for training of trainers.

Local entities: health zones CENTRE D’INNOVATION FHV – CIAP
Targets: young women, mothers, children and youth


LEARNING IN VHF YOUTH in collaboration with village schools

  • Facilitate and financially support health awareness projects for young children: school gardens, healthy food, first aid kit, sports accommodation, hygiene and sanitary facilities, wells. In each school, the Nutrition Ambassador Girl (FAN) has a key role to play in optimising awareness.

Local entities: 24 villages – primary and secondary schools
Targets: young children 5 – 14 years old and their parents

in collaboration with the CAMFP centre

  • Facilitate and financially support coaching projects around personal development and autonomy for disadvantaged young women: hygiene, sexuality, private lessons, school materials, develop technical production skills and business acumen, with an emphasis on sustainable food.

Targets: young girls >= 12 years old



The Foundation and local partner Centre Soukounon, the Foundation agro team and NGO Eclosio

  • Capacity building of the training and experimentation centre, Sokounon Farm.
  • Facilitate pragmatic training in integrated agriculture (rice, soybean, peanut, honey, goat’s milk, fruit and banana, vegetables, …), improvements in agricultural techniques such as energy, water, soil management, seeds and support for processing to the marketing of healthy food products (equipment, stock management, cooperatives, …)

Local entities: Training Centre, SOUKONON FARM & Local Pioneers
Targets: young women 15 – 35 years old

Eclosio with the Foundation

  • Facilitate and financially support the start-up of family and ecological farming start-ups, especially activities related to balanced nutrition.

Local entities: CIAP, FHV Innovation Centre, NGO Eclosio
Targets: young women 15 – 35 years old

Exchange of experiences Benin-Belgium – Internships for Belgian students and volunteers in Benin – Immersion trips in Benin – Internships for Beninese team and partners in Belgium