The Foundation is committed to providing healthy and quality school meals!

As a Foundation, we mainly focus on hygiene and the balanced composition of the lunches.

Therefore, we regularly organize training sessions for the women responsible for preparing meals at our partner schools.

To do this, it works with teachers who oversee hygiene and nutrition, and with each school’s young nutrition ambassadors.

By 2024, we will have trained nearly 100 women in 25 of our 100 partner schools.

They learn how to prepare, store and serve healthy and balanced meals in a hygienic manner.

Our nutrition ambassadors and teachers ensure that these good practices are implemented.

The results are promising: by the end of 2023, more than 80% of meals were already balanced, compared to less than 60% at the beginning of the project.

Almost all educated women have undergone medical examinations, wear aprons and hair nets, and wash their hands regularly.

To further improve the quality of meals, we aim to build refectories and provide potable water at all schools.