The Kassouala Health Centre is open again!


We spoke with Marie, a resident of Kassouala who uses the health centre:

Marie: “Hi, I’m Marie. Reopening our health centre has made a big difference for us. Before, we had to travel more than 25 kilometres to the hospital in Papané, often by motorcycle. That was very inconvenient, especially for pregnant women.”

Question: “How has your experience with the centre been since the reopening?”

Marie: “When the centre reopened in early 2024, I was pregnant with my third child. I was so happy that I no longer had to go so far to Papané for delivery. My daughter was born in a safe environment with good doctors around us.”

Question: “What has improved since the centre was refurbished?”

Marie: “There has been a lot of improvement. The building has been completely renovated, with living quarters for the staff, so someone is always available to help. There is now also a place for education and vaccinations, which is really convenient. We always have clean drinking water thanks to a new well with solar panels.”

Question, “What challenges remain to be addressed?”

Marie: “Although the centre has improved greatly, some challenges remain. For example, it would be safer to lock down the grounds so that no animals or unwanted visitors can enter. More solar panels are needed to ensure the centre is always operational, even during power outages. “An emergency ambulance and more medical equipment would also help.”

Question: “What does the community think of the changes?”

Marie: “Everyone is very grateful.” We can now get medical help close to home, which is much safer. “Births go much better now, and everyone feels safer with the doctors nearby.”

Finally: “Thank you, Marie, for sharing your story. “Is there anything else you want to add?”

Marie: “I want to thank the foundation and everyone who helped reopen the health centre. Their efforts have significantly improved our lives. I hope there will be further improvements so the centre can support us even better.”