Water for Six Primary Schools Thanks to Rotary

How do you promote a healthy and hygienic lifestyle at school without water? How do you teach good nutrition habits without drinkable water?

These remain significant challenges for our partner schools around Parakou. Students, teachers, and food vendors need drinkable water for canteens, school gardens, or tippy taps. Their health depends on it.

Thanks to Rotary International’s Global Grant funding in 2022, wells with hand pumps have already been installed in Boko, Tékparou, Gokannan, Lafia, Bido, and Gounin Boko elementary schools. Not only the schools but also the villagers are eagerly using those wells.

Some members of the Rotary Club of Roeselare visited Benin and could testify to the soundness and sustainability of the water project.

The club is now coordinating a second Grant from the Rotary Foundation with support from the various districts in cooperation with the clubs from Kortrijk, Bruges, Oostrozebeke, Deinze, St Jan, Overijse, Leuven-Rotselaar, Mijas International, Gualdamina, Marbella-East and four Benin clubs.

In the elementary schools of the villages of Warikpa, Dankritonou, Dourbé, Worogui-goura, Komiguéa and Teou-Kpara, wells with a water tank will be installed this year.

We will introduce the WASH principles (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) and establish vegetable gardens in each school.